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A Few Words About Us

Founded in 2006, Core Golf was started by Tom Jackson who had the vision of bringing Canadian junior golfers to Florida to train and compete during the winter months and escape the harsh winters. As the popularity of the program grew over the years and the student base expanded to include players from all corners of the world, Core Golf has been the premier Academy for player's to attend and chase their dreams of playing elite junior golf, collegiate golf on scholarships and professional golf. As of January 2015, we expanded to being a gateway to a career in the golf industry with our Core Golf Education (Professional Golf Management) and Coaching Certification programs.

 Based in Winter Garden, Florida, just west of Orlando, Core Golf and the facilities at Orange County National Golf Center combine to offer the best programs in a perfect learning environment that cannot be matched anywhere in the world. The results truly speak for themselves when it comes to our reputation of producing some of the best players and young professionals in the industry.


Once you arrive here, it quickly becomes very clear that you are surrounded and totally immersed in nothing but golf and knowledge in it's purest form. You have access to anything your mind can imagine in terms of practice and play. You have mentors from all aspects of the industry to lean on and learn from and you are provided a safe environment with nteractive learning and a fun culture to become part of... all in the Florida sun and beautiful year round climate.

At Core Golf, we believe that to be the best, we have to be better today than we were yesterday. We are driven by a sense of obligation to sculpt students into true professionals who are well-educated and job-ready for the golf industry employers of today and tomorrow. We achieve this using an entrepreneurial and innovative approach that’s focused on work experience, career development, and mentoring by top industry professionals.

  • What to expect

    what to expect   Through our unique employer relationships, you’ll have a clearly-outlined career path toward working or coaching in the golf industry. You’ll also develop the professional knowledge, attitude, and skills you need to excel in working for any company, anywhere in the world.

    what to expect   You’ll be prepared to walk onto the job already knowing what to do and how to do it — an attribute that all employers crave. You’ll have a clear advantage over other graduates, because you’ll be ready to step into a position of responsibility without a lot of employer training.

    what to expect   You’ll be equipped to solve genuine industry problems, and you’ll develop the skills to raise the integrity and enhance the perception of the golf business for your employer.

  • Why We are unique

    why core golf education is unique   The quality of Core Golf Education's PGM Program is linked to its applied academic foundations, which were developed in collaboration with industry employers. Degree modules are fully recognized internationally and our coursework is accepted everywhere in the world.

    why core golf education is unique   Core Golf Education courses cover all aspects of the business of golf, including technology, learning, psychology, fitness and much more. With your knowledge and experience, employers will consider you a highly competitive and valuable candidate.

    why core golf education is unique   At Core Golf Education it’s accepted that golf isn’t the business for everyone. You must be highly competent and have a strong character to be successful. If you have those traits, we’ll be your career champion. If you don’t, we’ll let you know and guide you to a more appropriate path.

Why We're Unique

why core golf education is unique   Core Golf Education has created internationally-recognized modules that are accepted anywhere in the world, and are crafted to equip you with skills and knowledge to work in the golf business of today and tomorrow. Our students learn the practical aspects of the golf business, with a curriculum dedicated to golf. At Core Golf Education you will never take any classes that don't directly apply to your desired field of study.

why core golf education is unique   Our students are mentored by top industry professionals so that Core Golf Education students are familiar with cutting-edge industry knowledge and skills. No other college or professional golf management program offers  this advantages at such a high level with direct ties to PGA, LPGA, European and other tours experienced staff.

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