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Core Golf Education is a Professional Golf Management Associates Degree & Certification Program that is dedicated to creating job-ready professionals seeking fulfilling and fast-paced careers in the golf industry.


  • Orlando, Florida has one of the most appealing annual climates in the world and is a true mecca for golfers. One of the busiest golfing areas in the nation, Core Golf is centrally located to dozens of spectacular and affordable places to play or start your career.


  • Our team of instructors are actual golf industry professionals with years of unique experience to learn from. Our curriculum was developed specifically for the golf business and is meant to be very challenging similar to a university level. Our program is run on a state-of the-art interactive learning platform powered by Google Classroom (TM) that allows students to collaborate, communicate and complete work in real-time.


  • Students who come to Core Golf Education are high-school graduates who want an applied degree or second-career students who want to do what they love.


...what they all have in common is that they want to work, play or coach in the golf business.

  • Core Golf Education Program
    Core Golf Education programs might be the best fit for you if...
    Core Golf Education Program  You want a quality education geared towards job readiness and gaining work experience. Today, you need a degree to be competitive and to have access to the best employers and opportunities.
    Core Golf Education Program  You want a clear pathway to golf industry employment and a degree that lets employers know you're equipped to excel in a leadership role.
    Core Golf Education Program  You want to close the gaps in your knowledge base and learn through hands-on experience how to solve genuine industry problems while being mentored by top industry professionals and coaches.
  • Core Golf Education Program
    You’re likely to be successful at Core Golf Education if...
    Core Golf Education Program  You intend to approach your golf education as you approach your golf game with your very best effort. You’re always striving to be better today than you were yesterday.
    Core Golf Education Program  You are seeking an Associates Degree or certification so that you can become more than just a golf professional. But that’s not all. You want to use your education to step into a leadership role so you can build your career resume.
    Core Golf Education Program  You are honest, hard working, accountable, and a team player. If you just want to show up and hit golf balls, we’re not for you. If you want to learn how to execute professionally at the highest level, then we’d like to give you the education, connections and experience you need to do it.





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